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Day Comfort Guarantee*

Walker's Furniture and Mattress wants you to feel confident with your purchase and make sure your new mattress gives you a comfortable and healthy sleep, so for mattresses $999 and above, Walker’s offers a 365 day comfort guarantee that begins on the date you take possession of your new mattress!

Just like breaking in a new pair of jeans or even a baseball glove, there is an adjustment period that is generally needed before it feels “just right”. Due to this adjustment period that both your body and your new mattress need, your new mattress should be kept a minimum of 30 nights before exchanging. If after a minimum of 30 nights, you are not sleeping comfortably, Walker’s offers a one time exchange of a different mattress of equal or greater value. Here are a few expert mattress break in tips:

  • spend some time gently walking on it to loosen up all the support and comfort layers and reduce any “stiffness” from it being brand new
  • any mattress straight off the delivery truck (especially in winter and especially with memory foam) needs to warm up as cold temperatures contribute to firmness and warmer temperatures help it regain its softness
  • the more you sleep on it, the quicker your body will adjust to the mattress, and the mattress will adjust to your body, leading to a more comfortable and sound night’s sleep

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  • Guarantee is good for a one time exchange of a different mattress of equal or greater value.
  • Stained, soiled, damaged and mattresses with missing law tags, are not eligible, and will not be accepted for exchange or refund. We highly recommend a mattress protector to protect against stains and soiling.
  • Redelivery charges may apply. The 365 day comfort guarantee is not valid on warranty exchanges, as-is merchandise, floor models, adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, or mattress protectors as all these items are non-returnable and non-refundable.
  • Excludes Tempur-pedic mattresses (Tempur-Pedic has their own 90 Day Sleep Trial)
  • A returned mattress in months 1-4 after purchase allows a 100% credit toward an exchange.
  • A returned mattress in months 5-8 after purchase allows a 75% credit toward an exchange.
  • A returned mattress in months 9-12 after purchase allows a 50% credit toward an exchange.
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